Official references from the Sailor Moon Drops game. Credits to Minty’s Moon Drops for the game puppet rips and Sailor Soapbox for the pngs!

Debuted December 2018.


* indicates retired member

Construction Highlights


AdventTraitor as Sailor Moon

Photo by Ash Snap’em Photography

Victoria Bane as Sailor Mercury

Photo by Ash Snap’em Photography

Space Cadet as Sailor Venus

Photo by Ash Snap’em Photography

Koholint as Sailor Mars

Photo by Ash Snap’em Photography

The Geeky Seamstress as Sailor Jupiter

Photo by Ash Snap’em Photography

Additional Costume Details

  • Fukus and brooches (except Moon’s) by the Cosmic Coterie team
    • Fukus feature tricot for the base leotard and chest armor and peau de soie for the skirts, collars, and bows.
    • Hip rolls use upholstery foam covered in tricot.
    • Costumes are self-made except for Sailor Moon, made by The Geeky Seamstress
  • Shoes and boots painted using Angelus Leather Paints
  • Wigs are self-styled except for Sailor Moon, styled by Victoria Bane
  • Additional details:
    • Venus Love Me Chain by Space Cadet
    • Jupiter belt by The Geeky Seamstress
    • Mars hip brooch and ankle decorations by Koholint

Additional Credits

  • Sailor Moon’s brooch is the official gashapon
  • Moon feather hair clips, hair shields, and choker gem by Catzia’s Secret Studio
  • Base gloves by We Love Colors
  • Inner Senshi wands are official merch
  • Cutie Moon Rod is the officially licensed Proplica
  • Tiaras by MASK Props/Pocky Pants


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