Official references from the Sailor Moon Drops game. Credits to Minty’s Moon Drops for the game puppet rips and Sailor Soapbox for the pngs!

Debuted in December 2018.

Cast List

* indicates retired member

Construction Highlights

  • Fukus made using the current version of our Sailor Moon Fuku tutorial
  • Base bows made with our Classic Bow Pattern
  • Uranus and Neptune glove rolls patterned and constructed by The Geeky Seamstress.
    • Tutorial and pattern for the Angled Glove Rolls can be found on our Patreon.
  • Saturn sleeves patterned and constructed by AdventTraitor.


Additional Costume Details

  • Fukus feature tricot for the base leotard and chest armor and peau de soie for the skirts, collars, and bows.
  • Hip rolls use upholstery foam covered in tricot.
  • Fukus, brooches (except Saturn’s), and wigs made by the Cosmic Coterie team
  • Sailor Uranus, Chibi Moon, and Pluto wigs by Victoria Bane
  • Shoes and boots painted using Angelus Leather Paints.
  • Uranus Space Sword kit was finished and painted by The Geeky Seamstress

Additional Credits

  • Tiaras and Pluto’s Garnet Rod by MASK Props
  • Saturn’s Silence Glaive by Mechaboy07
  • Uranus Space Sword 3d printed kit by Rawrbomb.
  • Saturn choker ornament, brooch, and earrings, and Pluto choker ornament and earrings by UniqueCosplayProps
  • Chibi Moon hair shields from Amazon.
  • Chibi Moon hair feathers by Catzia’s Secret Studio
  • Chibi Moon brooch is the official gashapon
  • Pink Moon Stick is the officially licensed Proplica
  • Base gloves by We Love Colors


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