Welcome to Cosmic Coterie’s Sailor Moon Fuku Tutorial (2016 edition)! It’s our delight to give back to the cosplay community, since we are passionate about our hobby and believe that cosplayers should help each other grow. When we started out, we learned a lot from many fellow cosplayers during our journey, so we hope to pass that passion along. We hope our tutorial is helpful to you, whether you’re here to build an entire Sailor Moon cosplay, or just want a beautiful bow for your outfit.

This tutorial is aimed at those with basic sewing skills – we won’t teach you how to use your sewing machine or how to read a pattern. Instead, we share comprehensive details of techniques that will benefit both the experienced sewist, as well as those seeking to improve their skills. Like all patterns, commercial or otherwise, our patterns may require modification for your body type – remember to always make a mock-up before cutting into your fashion fabric! Our techniques have been refined over several years of work, and we have used our methods to make beautiful fukus for cosplayers of ALL shapes and sizes.

About This Tutorial

The free version of this tutorial is only a BASIC version: you must be a Patreon subscriber to gain access to the full version and the original patterns.

We appreciate credit if you use our tutorial or patterns, and would absolutely love to see your final product. We regularly feature cosplayers that have used our tutorial on our Instagram – feel free to tag or email us if you’ve used our tutorials to make something and wish to be featured!

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Thanks for stopping by, and happy cosplaying!


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