Debuted May 2018 at A-Kon.


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Construction Highlights

  • Yukatas made of Japanese cotton, purchased online; the fabric came in traditional rolls called tanmono
  • Yukatas were cut and sewn using basic traditional techniques.
  • Undergarments made from cotton lawn
  • Venus hairbow made using our Venus Hairbow Pattern

Please read the full write-up here on Patreon.



Detail Photos

Additional Costume Details

  • Obis are hanhaba (half-width) obis, purchased secondhand from various sources
  • Obijime purchased from Ichiroya
  • Obidome from various sources, including the brand Palnart Poc
  • Hair accessories and fans from Daiso USA
  • Kitsuke accessories purchased from various sellers on Rakuten
  • Geta purchased on Amazon and/or Rakuten
  • Sailor Moon wig styled by Victoria Bane
  • Sailor Mars wig braided by AdventTraitor
  • Other wigs were self-styled

Additional Credits

  • All base wigs purchased from Arda Wigs


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