This page contains our content usage terms and conditions. This mostly applies to purchased content (via Patreon), but much of it also applies to our resources and information that lives here on our website.

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General Terms of Use

All information, tutorials, patterns, and etc. on this website are intended for personal use only. You may NOT redistribute, reupload, or share parts of our content in any way. It is also prohibited to upload, share, present, or publish modified versions of any of our resources.

Purchased Content and Group Cosplay

We understand that you may want to use our resources for a group cosplay. If you have made a purchase from us and are allowing your fellow group members to use those purchases, please remember that the above usage terms still apply.

If you want to use purchased content for group cosplay, please implement one of the following:

  • A: Encourage every group member to purchase their own copies of the resource(s) being used,


For Option B, please donate at least one Ko-Fi per group member (excluding anyone that purchased their own resource(s)); only then may you share your purchase(s), and ONLY with your group members.

This is the ONLY exception to the “no redistribution or sharing” rule.

Purchased Content and Commissions

You may use our patterns and resources for your individual commission work, but please purchase a new pattern for each commission. 

Alternatively, you may go to our Ko-Fi and send the cost of the pattern in “coffees”.

(A final note on commissions: if it’s our free resources that helped you with a commission, and not purchased resources, we’d still appreciate a Ko-Fi as thanks!)

Commercial Use 

Non-individual (company) commercial use is strictly prohibited. This applies to ALL our content: free and purchased.

Our patterns and resources are for personal use only and are not licensed for commercial use! 

A Final Note

Please keep the following in mind: all money goes directly to us and helps us run our group; without your support, we would no longer be able to operate or share future content.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!