Photographers: Ash Snap ‘Em Photography and Mehreen Rizvi Photography



Tutorial on our fuku process available here.

Work in Progress


  • Tiaras and gradient airbrushing on Super Sailor Chibi Moon by MASK Props
  • Saturn’s Silence Glaive and Uranus’ Space Sword by Mechaboy07
  • Venus’ Sword by Vorpal Props
  • Gradient airbrushing on Super Sailor Moon by Joshua Brown
  • Neptune choker ornament, Mistress 9 accessories, and Saturn choker ornament, brooch, and earrings by UniqueCosplayProps
  • Neptune wig by Ms. Rae Cosplay using two Arda Wigs Ferrari wigs in Ocean Green and Mako Green
  • Moon wig styled by Jessica Mills
  • Mercury wig (Wendykkuma) from eBay
  • Mercury wig (Victoria Bane) by Arda Wigs – Jaguar in Electric Blue, self-styled
  • Mars wig by Arda Wigs – Venus Classic wig in Dark Purple
  • Jupiter wig (Reid) by Lucaille
  • Jupiter wig (The Geeky Seamstress) by Epic Cosplay Wigs and Arda Wigs – Epic’s Phoebe in Copper Red + Arda’s curly clip in ponytail in Dark Copper Red
  • Venus wig base; Arda Wigs – Venus Silky in Honey
  • Saturn wig base: Arda Wigs – Natasha in Dark Purple
  • Uranus wig base: Lucaille
  • Pluto wig base: Arda Wigs – Venus Classic in Olive + bun accessory in Olive
  • Chibi Moon wig base: Cospicky
  • Brooches for The Geeky Seamstress and Koholint by Callula Cosplay
  • Super Sailor Moon brooch: Official Proplica
  • Super Sailor Moon hiproll brooch: Official gashapon
  • Shoes and boots painted using Angelus Leather Paints
  • Base gloves by We Love Colors

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