All except Charlotte are official references from the Madoka Magica crossover with the game “Phantom of the Kill”. Charlotte is an official reference from the Magia Record game.

Debuted at A-Kon 2017.


* indicates retired member

Costume Highlights

  • Costumes feature extensive custom-drafting and design tweaks meant to make the designs more flattering and/or cohesive
    • All ruffles were finished with a serger rolled hem using the character’s theme color
    • Madoka’s bodice design was tweaked to suit the model better
  • Walpurgisnacht was created with special nods to historical construction, but was not meant to be “historically accurate”
  • All bows were made using our Classic Bow Pattern as a base.


Additional Costume Details

  • Madoka was made as a joint effort by Koholint, The Geeky Seamstress, and Victoria Bane.
    • Features a custom-drafted bodice, donut skirt, petticoat, and airbrushed top “petal” skirt.
  • Mami made by The Geeky Seamstress.
    • Features a peachskin top, vinyl corset with a hidden zipper panel, pleated circle skirt, and custom boots. Writeup available here.
    • Rifle print finished and painted.
  • Homura made by Space Cadet Cosplay. Worn by Space Cadet and Victoria Bane.
    • Features a top and pleated skirt made from cotton sateen, peachskin ruffles, and stretch boots/leggings. Writeup available here.
  • Kyoko made by Koholint Cosplay. Features a dress made from cotton sateen, bodice and pleated skirt made from satin, and vinyl boot covers. Full writeup available on Patreon.
  • Sayaka made by AdventTraitor Cosplay. Features a cape made from peachskin, armored top made from Worbla, bodice, pleated skirt and overskirt made from satin, and boot covers.
  • Dessert Witch Charlotte made by Victoria Bane. Features custom-drafted puff pants, hat, and cape. Writeup available on Patreon.
  • Walpurgisnacht was made as a joint effort by The Geeky Seamstress, Koholint Cosplay, Victoria Bane, and Storietellers.
    • Features a dress made from stretch taffeta and brocade, custom hoop skirt made from cotton lawn, and extensive beading. Writeup available here
  • Kyoko, Madoka, Charlotte, & Homura wigs styled by Victoria Bane

Additional Credits

  • Vector for Mami’s rifle from The Dangerous Ladies
  • Kyoko spear by DavieKimXu
  • Sayaka sword from Aliexpress
  • Gloves, thigh-high stockings from We Love Colors
  • Soul Gems by Unique Cosplay Forest on Etsy


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