Photo by FREEing of the Madoka Magica Yukata Ver. scale figures.

Debuted in October 2021


With guest Ohmitsooki as Kaname Madoka!

Additional Costume Details

  • Victoria Bane greatly improved our yukata-making methods from when we did our Senshi yukatas:
    • She purchased several books for research
    • She translated the instructions from Japanese and used them to cross-reference each other when the instructions were unclear
    • She ultimately put together proprietary guides for the team to follow, including ways to customize the fit as well as sew them together more traditionally
  • Bebe mask painted by The Geeky Seamstress
  • Madoka’s yukata was made as a team effort; everyone else made their own.
  • Madoka, Kyoko, and Sayaka’s masks by AdventTraitor
  • Madoka, Kyoko, and Sayaka’s kinchaku pouches made as a team effort between AdventTraitor and Koholint
  • Face masks made using leftover yukata fabric

Flat-Lay Photoshoot

Kaname Madoka
Miki Sayaka
Akemi Homura
Tomoe Mami
Sakura Kyoko

Additional Costume Details

  • Yukatas are made of Japanese cotton, which was purchased online; the fabric came in traditional rolls called tanmono
  • Obis are hanhaba (half-width) obis
  • Obijime were purchased from Ichiroya (sadly closed now), and/or Japanese secondhand online marketplace(s)
  • Obidome were Soul Gems kits made by The Dangerous Ladies and finished by The Geeky Seamstress
  • Fans (except Kyoko’s), crepe fabric, and crepe-covered pulls from Daiso USA
  • Kinchaku pouches made using leftover yukata fabric or crepe from Daiso USA
  • Kitsuke accessories purchased from various sellers on Rakuten and/or Japanese secondhand online marketplace(s)

Additional Credits

  • Soul gems, Mami hair clips, and Bebe mask from The Dangerous Ladies
  • Wigs styled by the wearer
  • “Egg” Soul Gems are officially licensed products


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