Debuted in October 2021 in a private studio shoot

Cast List

Construction Highlights

  • Lady Dimitrescu made by The Geeky Seamstress using ivory polyester dupioni
  • Lady Dimitrescu capelet patterned by The Geeky Seamstress
    • The pattern is available on our Patreon!
  • Daughters’ dresses were purchased and modified for accuracy
  • Daniela’s cape made by Victoria Bane from eyelash lace
  • Daughters’ flower brooches, chokers, necklace pendants, and sickle kits were sanded, assembled, and finished by Cosmic Coterie


Additional Costume Details

  • Lady Dimitrescu base dress pattern: Cashmerette’s Upton Dress
  • Daughters’ dresses were modified to fit as well as have more accurate necklines, a better sleeve fit, clips in the hoods, and more screen-accurate button arrangement
    • Lace at the bustline was also changed for everyone to match
  • Daughters’ kits were painted with Rub n Buff and acrylic paints
  • Stage blood and ash powder were used for the daughters’ makeup effects

Additional Credits

  • Base dresses from the brand MROZUL on Amazon
  • Gloves were purchased on Amazon
  • Daughters’ accessory kits and sickles from The Dangerous Ladies


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