Debuted May 2019 at A-Kon.


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Construction Highlights

  • Dress, collar, and choker patterns by Cosmic Coterie.
    • All above made of peachskin and chiffon
  • Brooches: 3D printed, finished, molded, and cast
  • Brooch gems: Resin printed, finished, molded, and cast
  • Sailor Venus hair bow pattern by Cosmic Coterie
  • Princess Serenity sleeve pattern by Cosmic Coterie
  • Corselets and Serenity’s circular dress ornaments made of leather and painted with Angelus Paint.
  • Sandals painted with Angelus Paint.

Please read the full writeup here.

Photoshoot 1: Princess Serenity and the Inner Senshi

Photoshoot 2: Inner Senshi

Additional Costume Details

  • Point work on the patterns was done by Victoria Bane.
  • Wigs self-styled except for Sailor Moon, styled by Victoria Bane
  • Brooches and Serenity sleeves constructed by The Geeky Seamstress

Additional Credits



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