About the Group

Do you sell costumes/take costume commissions?
We don’t sell costumes, sorry! We also do not take commissions as a group, but our member The Geeky Seamstress does. Check her website for her commission availability!

Do you take wig commissions?
We do not take wig commissions as a group, either. Our member Victoria Bane takes them, though – email her for a quote! Her contact information is located here.

Will you be attending [ x ] con?
Our convention list is typically on our website or announced on our social media. If you would like for us to attend a convention near you, please be sure to suggest our group to the con! We can table, host panels, and much more! Check out our Booking Information page for details.

Can I share one of your photos on social media?
You may always use a social media platform’s included share (reblog/retweet/etc) feature to share our work, but if you’d like to repost one of our photos, please ask first!

When you do share our photo, we also ask that you please leave our credits intact. A lot of work goes into our builds, and we like to thank the people involved with appropriate credits!

Can my show/podcast/publication interview and/or feature you?
Absolutely! Please email us so we can work out the details!

Who is the leader of Cosmic Coterie?
We do not have a formal “leader” – we all work together to make our cosplays and vote on events and builds. Everyone in the group has the same importance!

Are you accepting new members?
Unfortunately, we don’t “recruit” or seek new members – we’re simply a group of friends doing what we love, together!

General Cosplay Questions

Can you help me with [ x ] cosplay?
We have tutorials, videos, and blog posts on our website to help you! If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask us via email or private message on social media. We love helping, so don’t be afraid to ask if something has you stumped!

What paint do you use on your shoes?
We typically use Angelus paints. We’ve a blog post on how to use this method – check it out! The same post is also accessible on Patreon, for ease of access by Patrons.

Where do you buy your fuku fabrics?
We source our fabrics from MANY sources – please check out our blog post on the topic!

Where do you buy your shoes?
Our shoes are also sourced from many places, including but not limited to: Amazon, eBay, and thrift stores. Most of our build pages have links to the specific shoes and/or accessories we used. Be sure to check them out!

Will credit tagging annoy you?
Never! We love tags and love seeing what you create with the resources we’ve made! <3

We also love sharing cosplays made using our tutorials and resources. Tagging us helps ensure that we see your work!

Pattern Questions

Where do I find your tutorials/patterns?
All of our tutorials are linked under the Cosplay Tutorials page. However, since 2020, we have split our content between our website and our Patreon. Please go to our Patreon to access new and exclusive content, including the Patron-only content here on our website.

This means we have 2 versions of our Sailor Moon Fuku walkthrough. We refer to them as the “2016 version” and the “2020 version”.

What is the difference between the 2016 version and the 2020 version?

The main difference is that the 2020 version is a highly improved version of the 2016 version, thanks to our many years of making Sailor fukus. The 2020 version yields a result that we consider to be more beautiful, and is personally preferred by us. Additionally, there is information in the 2020 version of the tutorial that we will not provide anywhere else.

However, there is nothing “wrong” with the 2016 version! It’s just a bit outdated and therefore may yield a slightly less preferable outcome.

The other difference is cost: the 2020 version is only accessible via Patreon, and you must be a Patron of a specific tier to do so. The 2016 version has some free and some Patron-only content, but it requires a less expensive tier to access that information.

Why did you guys switch to releasing new content on Patreon?

It’s kind of a long story: please see this public Patreon post to answer this question.

The short story is that we needed a better platform to share new patterns! Our Patreon is now the ONLY place to access our updated fuku tutorial; however, our website still has the 2016 (old) version available.

Where is the bow tutorial? What happened to the bow pattern?

We have kept the 2016 version of our bow tutorial here on our website. However, we removed the old bow pattern and will no longer be providing it, since we have a 2020 bow pattern and tutorial on our Patreon.

If you really need the old pattern, we provide instructions in the 2016 bow tutorial to draft a pattern that is very similar to the old one.

Can I use your tutorials/patterns for myself or my cosplay group?
Absolutely! All we ask is some credit as thanks 🙂 A Ko-fi donation would be super, too, especially if your group uses our resources!

We politely ask that you not use our patterns for commissions or other money-making endeavors unless you follow these guidelines. And we especially ask that you not repost or host our resources elsewhere, copy, or alter them in any way.

Since 2020, we have split our content between our website and our Patreon – the free content here on our website is welcome to be used by all with the guidelines above, but we are stricter with our Patreon content. Please click here for the full “Pattern Usage Terms” post for Patreon content.

Your pattern is too big/small for me. What should I do?
This is a common issue encountered in all patterns, not just ours. Luckily, we have a post on our Patreon that walks you through common pattern modifications – click here!

If you modify our patterns, we ask that you please still credit us! A modification isn’t the same as creating it from scratch.

Will you be making a pattern for [ x ]?
Maybe! We mostly aimed to share just our fuku knowledge when we created this website, but we’ve expanded to other patterns, blog posts, and videos since then. Sometimes we come up with an idea that we just can’t resist, so we can’t really predict what new patterns might be coming up.

If you’d like to keep up with possible future releases, please join us on our Patreon! All new content will be uploaded there.

My Question Hasn’t Been Answered!

If your question hasn’t been answered above, please head to our contact form and drop us a message! Alternatively, you may email us.