image1Name/Cosplay Handle: Koholint
Astrological Sign: Aries
Favorite Food: sushi, chocolate bars w/ whole almonds, steak, pizza, spicy yellow curry, seafood, matcha-flavored stuff, sweet potatoes, arroz con pollo, yuca frita
Favorite Color: red and green, but not together (yuck!)
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies: drawing, browsing the Internet, cuddling my pet birds, reading fanfiction
When did you start cosplay?: 2010 is what I use as my official start year, but I “cosplayed” prior to that, albeit badly, before I knew what it was called.

When it comes to cosplay, I focus mainly on sewing; I do a lot of research to keep improving, because my goal is always to create a clean, precise result! I mostly crossplay, so cosplaying magical girls is a little different for me (in a very refreshing way)!

I’m rather awkward irl, so please don’t be intimidated if you meet me. I’m actually a huge fangirl and never shut up about my love of birds (or my current obsessions, One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100)!

Soy Latina y hablo español. Es un placer cosplear con Cosmic Coterie!

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Photo by Ash Snap ‘Em